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Scale and offset calculator

For use with Analogue Input Modules. Use the calculator below to work out your scale and offset values.

Analogue Input Calculator

See the guide for installation and setup of the Micro Input Module here.

Typical RPM scales

  Cylinders Scale
  1 120
  2 60
  3 40
  4 30
  5 24
  6 20
  8 15
  10 12
  12 10

Typically an RPM signal from an ignition coil will need to be scaled to get an RPM in the form: RPM = f *60* 2/cylinders.

This is because Input Modules gives pulses per second which we need to convert into revolutions per minute.

E.G. 1 pulse per second = 60 pulses per minute x 2 (2 revolutions of crankshaft per combustion of spark plug) = 120 divided by the number of cylinders (4) = revs per minute (30).

So, for a four cylinder engine it would be 120 divided by 4 = 30.

Try these values as starting points.


Gear display range calculator

To display the selected gear in a VBOX scene, you will first need to log a data file with speed and RPM included in it.

To help determine which ranges are then required in your display range element, enter the RPM and GPS speed at a given point in each forward gear and click "Calculate".

A helpful guide for setting up a gear range display element can be found here.

GearSpeedRPMRange MinimumRange Maximum